Monday, February 14, 2011

Out of the Ballpark

Grab some Crackerjacks and head to the “ballpark” for Chicago Children’s Theatre World Premiere of  Dan Gutman’s Jackie and Me. This inspiring story about Jackie Robinson reminds us that there’s a hero in all of us.
You will learn how Jackie Robinson broke through racial barriers in baseball during 1947. Enduring personal threats and indignant treatment, Jackie Robinson didn’t retaliate.  Instead, he perfected his game and paved the way for other African American ball players to join him in the Major League.  He was the first African American to be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1962.  Jackie Robinson was a Civil Rights hero and also a loving father.  His daughter, Sharon Robinson shares life lessons from her famous father in several books she wrote. On a Jackie Robinson baseball card reproduction that is available at the play, Sharon highlights the Nine Values of her father: Courage, Determination, Teamwork, Persistence, Integrity, Citizenship, Justice, Commitment and Excellence.

The impact and influence of Jackie Robinson’s life continues its legacy.  Former Cubs player, Doug Glanville was at the play to celebrate and recognize his hero’s life.  His son’s middle name is Robinson.  Doug touts some impressive stats as a batter and an outfielder.  In game 3 of the 2003 NL Championship series, he hit the game-winning triple in the 11th inning for the Chicago Cubs.  He accumulated 1100 hits and a 293-game errorless streak. This Ivy League academic wrote an inspiring book The Game From Where I Stand which is available in paperback on March 29th.  He also is a baseball analyst for ESPN.

Celebrate National Black History Month and see “Jackie and Me” in Chicago. Kids 15 years and younger can write a 500 word essay about “How Does the Jackie Robinson Story Inspire You.”  One Grand Prize Winner will get four box seat tickets to the Cubs vs. Padres Game and four box seat tickets to the White Sox vs. Angels game along with four tickets to “Jackie and Me” along with some other great prizes.  For details visit and click on “Jackie and Me” for essay contest information. 

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