Monday, March 29, 2010

Have an Authentic Voice

Last week I interviewed Carl Raymond on Kitchen Chat. Carl is the Director of Marketing for Guideposts Books and an excellent chef who is graciously guiding me around some of my culinary challenges for my work-in-process novel. On the show, Carl shared an essential ingredient for any bestseller: Have an authentic voice.

That is so true, isn’t it? As readers, we can always tell if the author of a fiction or non-fiction book has a passion and connection with what he/she is writing. It’s an intangible quality that cannot be processed --- like a scrumptious strawberry on a hot summer day. The story that grips our heart or the page turning plot of a book---those are the ingredients that entice us to stay up until three in the morning with imaginary characters that seem so real. What are you reading that is keeping you up late at night?

Also, for more advice for writers and great cooking tips for chefs, download Carl Raymond’s podcast free from Kitchen Chat.
Kitchen Chat with Carl Raymond 03-19-2010

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