Thursday, November 18, 2010

Charity Chat: Healthy Home 2010

When their precious daughter, Colette was diagnosed with Wilms Tumor and passed away, Nancy and Jim Chuda looked in vain for any clues to the cause of her condition.  Much to their surprise, they found that there was very little scientific research on the link between the growing incidence of childhood cancer and environmental toxins.  These grieving parents became a voice for the nation and the world by founding the non-profit, Healthy Child Healthy World to educate parents about important things to do to keep their family safe from environmental toxins.

The recent construction of Healthy Home 2010 by Dior Builders in Palatine, Illinois is a culmination of over 16 years of scientific research and the collaboration of experts in a variety of areas to build a “Healthy Home” as a tangible means of educating the public about keeping families safe from environmental toxins. We spend at least 90% of our lives inside a home or building, so the quality of the environment can be essential to our good health.

This week Beth Engelman (aka Mommy on a Shoestring) and I had the opportunity to tour the stunning designer showcase, Healthy Home 2010.  Victoria DiIorio shared some insight into this wonderful project built by Dior Builders along with Cambria, Kohler, Holiday Kitchens, Susan Fredman Design Group, Greenguard and many other fine partners. 

Beth and I learned about the five steps to have a healthy home:
•    Avoid Pesticide;
•    Use Non-Toxic Products;
•    Clean up Indoor Air;
•    Eat Healthy;
•    Be Wise with Plastics

The first step is essential and easy to apply.  Take off your shoes before you enter your home and track in pesticides and other potential environmental hazards. Beth and I wore “slippers” to tour the Healthy Home 2010. For additional details on these steps, please go here.

How fascinating to learn about the intricate process of building and sustaining a “healthy home.” Much of the insulation was made from cotton and denim, including some recycled jeans! Almost all products were sourced locally. Chef George Economos from Whole Foods in Palatine discussed the importance of the kitchen in a healthy home and shared a great recipe for Classic Butternut Squash Soup. Here is my video interview with him 

In addition, I spoke with Penny Bonda, the Green Guru of America, about how her book and how she helped advise on ensuring that the interior decorating of Healthy Home 2010 is also environmentally safe.  Please enjoy that interview here:

You can purchase admission online to tour Healthy Home 2010.  All proceeds from the admission price go in full to Healthy Child Healthy World and to a local charity, Infant Welfare Society.  Tours are open to the public until November 21st.

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