Monday, November 22, 2010

Creative Chaos
Have you ever noticed that when you start an organization project or even a writing project that you create chaos?  As I was continuing to de-clutter my life last night, I seemed to create more of a mess with my attempt at organization.  But I didn’t get overwhelmed.  I persevered – separating the tangled cords of cellphones, cameras, and any other digital device into separate baskets, along with notebooks and papers and photographs.  The final result was accessible shelves.  A masterpiece.

As I rewrite my novel in an attempt to streamline the story, I am once again creating initial chaos.  But as I untangle the plot and better understand what motivates each character, I can then clean the clutter.  So when the reader opens the book, the shelves, or rather the pages will be accessible and easy to read.

What needs to be uncluttered in your home?  In your writing? What are you doing about it?

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