Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The “Turkey Necks” of Life

I hope you shared a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends and counted your blessings with the five kernels of corn.  My oldest brother and youngest niece drove from the Deep South to join my family for this traditional gathering. My homemade pecan pie was a real hit, and my turkey turned out to be quite moist and delicious – despite the unexpected surprise while prepping the bird at my friend, Chrissie’s house.  You can enjoy the comedy in the kitchen ...

Yes, I was somehow the lucky one to pull out a turkey neck while washing the bird.  Typically the giblets and neck are neatly packaged in a tidy, white plastic bag.  I have decided to share my unscripted humiliation in the kitchen and view this moment as a unique lesson.  Each of us has our own “turkey neck” days, right? The messy moments of life aren’t always tucked neatly away in a disposable plastic bag.  Life can surprise us with something we don’t quite like the feel of or something we don’t know quite how to handle – like a turkey neck!  At first I had Chrissie deal with my problem as she so graciously finished pulling the turkey neck out and placed it in the sink for me.  But at the end of the video clip, I pick up that turkey neck on my own and throw it away.  I faced my fear of dealing with something that I didn’t expect.

What have some of your “turkey neck” moments of life been?  Would you mind sharing them with me?

My brother, Claude brings the turkey to the kitchen counter to carve.


  1. My whole graduate school experience was a 'turkey neck' experience... not wanting to really go back to school but knowing that it was the only way to get to where I wanted to be in my field....

    Life is full of trying to achieve.. one turkey neck at a time. Just say'in.

  2. Margaret - what a great video/interview - fun and informative. Thank you for your grace in the kitchen, and a reminder that nothing goes as planned. When we can "go with the flow" we are supported by love and laughter. (PS if my dear late father were alive, he'd be wrestling you for that turkey neck, which my mother roasted with a extra pan of stuffing. Turkey neck was his favorite part, along with the giblets!)



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