Wednesday, December 1, 2010

You, too, Can Make It Better!

This week I enjoyed a delightful lunch with Susan Noyes, the founder of – an online community catering to women as well as a magazine for the suburbs of Chicago. With the purchase of North Shore Magazine’s assets, has further broadened its leading presence in the Chicago suburbs.  The premise of the name is derived from Susan’s philosophy that women can make things better – especially when we work together. From the school rooms to the board rooms, women have unique gifts and talents to truly make a difference. 

I especially appreciate Susan’s heart for charity.  Through, Susan has raised over a half million dollars for charities! The online magazine promotes auctions and donates $5 to a charity for each new subscription. And here’s the best part. The subscription is free, and the subscriber gets to choose from a list of charities where she would like for that money to go.  And you get free access to some great articles and ideas about a broad variety of topics.

It’s worth “clicking” into.  And here’s my quick Flip Clip with Susan and the Laura, the Editor in Chief of

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